Fortnitemare On Addison Street – Is It Coming Back?


“Fortnitemare” What is Fortnitemare? Are you a gamer, do you play Fortnite? It is the spookiest time of the year again, so Fortnite players have every reason to be happy. Epic Games has dropped the trailer for the 2021 Halloween celebration event.

The event is going to send shivers down any Fortnite players’ spine. In this article, you are going to find out everything that has been revealed for the Fortnitemare 2021 event.



Fortnitemare hit online game got launched; it is a special Halloween event. Players earn some unique and frightful items and skins for a two-week period. They will also be able to access a new wave of weapons and gear which will help them to customize their avatars. 

Epic is known for rolling out exciting celebration events every year. The Christmas and New Year celebration tops the list but the Halloween event is a close second.

Is Fortnitemare Coming Back in 2021

Fortnite players are wondering if developers would release a new celebration event for Halloween this year. And yes Epic games did not disappoint them with the release of a short yet catchy trailer for Fortnitemare 2021. 

Fortnite Halloween Celebration 2021

The hype around Fortnite Halloween Celebrations 2021 is certainly increasing at a rapid pace. Developers have recently revealed the first trailer for the upcoming event, which will take place in the final week of this month.

Fortnite has entered the month of October and the spookiness factor is certainly on the rise. The end of this month will mark the return of the community’s favorite Fortnite Halloween Celebrations to the island.

Fortnite Halloween Skins 2021

Halloween has always been one of the best times to be a Fortnite cosmetic collector. It brings out some great creativity and usually gets some truly unique outfits to purchase. 

We will be taking a look at all of the Fortnite Halloween Skins that have been released in 2021. 

  • Sparkle skull

This is the Fortnite Halloween skin that has been released this year. 

When is Fortnitemare 2021?

Fortnitemare is going to kick start on October 24th, 2021. It will go by last year’s timing, a week before Halloween. The event will last for around two weeks.

Fortnitemare Challenges

Here are the lists of Fortnitemare challenges:

  • Become a shadow 3 times (40,000 XP).
  • Travel 100 meters on a witch broom (40,000 XP).
  • Eat 25 candy (1 Midas Shadow).
  • TBC.
  • TBC.
  • TBC.
  • TBC.
  • TBC.
  • TBC.
  • TBC.

Fortnitemare Challenges Release Date

The first three challenges will be live on the game on the 21st of October. The nest three challenges will unlock on the 24th of October. The final three challenges will unlock on the 27th of October. The challenges will be available in 12 days and it will expire on the 2nd of November.


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