Fortnite Update (17.50): The Last Downtime Update for Season 7


What’s going on guys welcome to another awesome content about Fortnite season 7 and the last downtime update that will be coming on Fornite. As we all know Fortnite releases updates every Tuesday and the 17.50 update is going to be the last for season 7. This is the update that is going to usher in the live event that we have been waiting for and the ending of season 7. So do stay tuned as I show you everything that is to come with the last update before season 7 ends.

Fortnite Update (17.50)
Fortnite Update (17.50)Fortnite Update (17.50)

Fortnite Update 17.50

The 17.50 downtime update is going to be releasing on Tuesday and it is going to usher in the end of Fortnite season 7 chapter 2. So below are the list of what is going to be coming into the Fortnite game when this update is finally released. 

1 – The Update is Coming out This Week Tuesday

The major reason we are very certain and believe that this update is coming out this week is that data miners have found out that this update has been added to the staging servers. Once Epic games add any update to the staging servers it means that the update is ready to deploy and has already been tested rigorously.

2 – Time for the update

As Fortnite normally does this update is going to be coming out this Tuesday which is August 31st to the Fortnite game and here are the time zones. 09:00 BST / 04:00 EST / 01:00 PST.

Major Changes The 17.50 Update will Bring

The update is going to be adding everything that is needed to set up the end of the season 7 live event that will bring us into season 8 chapter 2. 

  • Finally, Corny complex is going to be getting abducted along with the countermeasure bomb that we have helped doctor Sloan to create. Data miners confirm this because they have found files in form of a picture of what the Corny complex will look like after being abducted.
  • Also on Tuesday when is update is live the official live events countdown timer just like we had for the Ariana Grande concert will be added to the game. We do not actually know if it’s going to be in the lobby or on an abductor inside the game. The countdown timer is going to be added to the game 3 days after the update has been released. 
  • Kelvin, the Cube that has been teased so much during the Ariana Grande concert and on the imposter mode on Fortnite is finally going to be added into the game. It might be immediately after the update or sometime during the live event but Kevin the cube is definitely making a return. 

Finally, the only other thing we have is that Fortnite is going to be doing a collaboration with Shang-chi. We are going to be having a skin coming out for Shang-chi which should be added into the Fortnite game on September 2nd

So with that being said let me know in the comments what are your thoughts about the Fortnite end of season 7 live event. Let me hear some of your thoughts about what is going to go down on the final live event of season 7.


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