Fortnite Cosmic Summer Celebration 2021


The biggest Fortnite event of the summer has kicked off today, this event would blow your mind, and the mind of every other Fortnite player away. Fortnite has been planning this event for quite some time now, just as they do every year. This year, Fortnite Cosmic Summer Celebration 2021 is going to be lit, and as a Fortnite player, you should not miss it for anything.

Fortnite Cosmic Summer Celebration 2021
Fortnite Cosmic Summer Celebration 2021

Fortnite Cosmic Summer Celebration 2021

It is Summertime now, and Fortnite is having one of the best parties ever and you are invited to be a part of it. Epic Game’s Battle royale has been set for a celebration, an amazing self-described “welcome party”, that goes with the name the Fortnite Summer Celebration.

This Two-week event has promised tons of interesting new quests, amazing rewards, and lots and lots of fun. And this event has been tied directly to the invasion theme of Season 7 which has already seen the players collect Alien artifacts and be able to make use of some amazing Sci-fi weapons.

There is not much to know concerning the information that is expected to arrive very soon, although when you are talking about some extra-terrestrials how that details would be coming is anybody’s guess.

Fortnite Cosmic Summer Celebration Date

The Cosmic celebration event has started today which is    Tuesday, 22nd June at 9 am ET (6 am PT/2 pm BST).

The event would be lasting for about two weeks and would end on Tuesday, 6th July.

What to Expect

One tweet posted by epic told Players to expect a big party that includes an amazing new quest, New rewards, and tons of fun with their Fortnite buddies. With this said, we should be expecting some overarching questline, new cosmetics in the shape of skins and backbiting’s, etc., and more amazing casual party elements.

It is no doubt that this event would hold in Fortnite season 7, and it takes place right in “believer beach” this states that the game would be getting an interesting new intergalactic guest. 

In case you are new to Fortnite, and you do not know where to Find the believers beach, it is located Northwest of Fortnite’s island. And that is where the best Fortnite party/celebration of the year would be taking place.


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