Fortnite chapter 2 Season 8 – Lastest News and Leaks Updated


New Update – 8/24/2021

Fortnite chapter 2 season 7 has less than 22 days remaining so if you have the battle pass and you have not yet claimed everything you have less than 22days to do so. And as you do so there are tons of leaks coming in regarding the end of season 7 and the event leading to season 8. So here are the new leaks and updates from what data miners have shown.

  • The first new leak is that data miners have found out that there will be a new skim called the Kelvin Culture skin. This is a skin with kelvin the cube for a head also with the pickaxe, back bling, and glider. This further confirms that Kelvin the cube will be making a return.
  • There will also be 3 more skins which are the Dark drift, Cyber Runner, and finally Hacker.
  • There will also be a bundle called the Vox hunter which will be coming with free 1000 vbucks chanllagne once you get it.
  • Finally, there is also going to be king and queen skin that look like those from the deck of cards.

These are all the updates for now and we will keep updating you once we get more information. So do keep updating this article

Main Article

Doctor Slone is one of the new skins that Season 7 of Fortnite gave to us, although she was referenced in some cutscenes since Season 5. She is one of the high-ranking members of the Imagined Order, the organization that runs the Island. Throughout Season 7, Doctor Slone has been trying to take down the aliens from harming after they abducted the zero point, and now she has been working on a way to discover the source of their power.

If the latest leaks turn out to be real, this next season would be one of the best at the moment. Here’s everything that you need to know about Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8, including the release date, all the rumors emerging from data mined leaks, and more.

Fortnite chapter 2 Season 8
Fortnite chapter 2 Season 8

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 Release Date

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 is expected to kick off starting on September 13. This date is yet to be confirmed by epic, but we would be able to make an educated guess judging by the end date of this season 7 battle pass, which is taking place on the 12 of September.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 Battle Pass

Recently, a Redditor with a history of correct leaks has listed a number of events that are likely to feature in season 8. This main leak is expected to bring the Uzumaki Naruto from the shonen jump anime series. Naruto might just headline the battle pass in a similar fashion to superman and Rick Sanchez (from Rick and Morty) in season 7. 

The Batman and Fortnite: Zero Point comic recently revealed details concerning what doctor Slone is working on with Lex Luthor and Batman – this all but confirms more DC crossover skins are going to get added to the game. We already have details of Bloodsport from the Suicided Squad making their way straight to the battle royale game, but there are still some DC characters that we have heard nothing about. We would be expecting Shazam, Wonder Woman, and Green lantern to join Fortnite at some point in Season 8.

What Will Happen at the End of Season 7

According to data miners Kelvin the cube will return controlled by a mysterious character known as the queen. This was even teased by Fortnite during the Ariana Grande rift tour event one of the best and most colorful Fortnite events ever.

we also suspect that Dr. Slone will take down down the mothership because she has already finned the bomb she is building. and as she said the crash landing is bound to cause some problems. This is going to be another live event for when the explosion will occur and the mother ship crash down to the island.

Considering the mothership is like 2 times bigger than the island the crashlanding won’t be pretty. The code name for the Mothership destruction live when is named KIWI

We might also see the foundation returning after being blasted out of the zero points and left for dead in the ocean.

In conclusion, this is going to be one of the best endings that will lead to one of the biggest seasons we ever had in Fortnite.

New leaks 

Before the appearance of Kevin The Cube the storm King is going to be making an appearance. This has been leaked from the updated files on the Fortnite game as data miners are hard at work as season 7 is coming to an end. The Storm King is coming after being teased with the Ariana Grande concert is kind of confirmation.

The Fortnite imposter game mode also showed us a room where the map of the entire Island was displayed on different screens.  In one of those screens was the map of the island where a spot marked X was showed which leads us to think that is where Kevin the cube is going to be appearing on the island. 

Season 8 Leaks

Data-miners have also discovered that in season 8 we will be having a mummy skin that could be scrapped.  Also, there will be new POIs which will be pyramids, Kevin the cube sites and finally the alien mothership crash site.

Finally Kevin the Cube will also be involved in the mothership explosion and we will have some sort of helicarrier where we can view the event live.


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