The FCC now has a new Look for the emergency alert on phones


America is one of those plagued countries in terms of natural disasters in the history of planet Earth just below other countries like China.  Therefore it is important for American citizens to be extra cautious and mindful of their environment as they do vacations, hike, swim, and do whatever activities they do. That is why the FCC has come up with a new look for their emergency alerts on phones to warn people.

FCC emergency alert on phones
FCC emergency alert on phones

In an effort to make sure that everybody is properly warned about an impending natural disaster the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Has now combined together two different kinds of alert messages in one. So as to make sure that people are aware of the disaster that is about to happen.

The FCC combined the “Presidential Alert” together with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to form the “National Alerts.” This National Alerts category is present on all devices that receive Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA). So when you get a device you might want to make sure your device receives the WEA.

The goal of this alert is not only to warn the public of impending natural disasters and other related disasters but also to stop the spread of the First alert like the in one Hawaii 2018 The Exorcist set in a PDF document.


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