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memories are all we have of life and the time past of what we have done and what has happened to us. Facebook tries to make us remember from time to time exactly what we were doing some time ago this very day we are now. and it’s a good thing to remind us of what has passed so that we will never forget. That is the reason why Facebook Memories exist today on the Facebook platform.

Facebook Memories
Facebook Memories

Facebook Memories

Facebook memories is Facebook showing you your past Facebook activity from a few years ago on the same day many years later. Facebook memories basically consist of Facebook post, tagged posts and all your major life events on the Facebook platform and also when you became friends with someone. It’s basically your Facebook activities.

It is reminding you of what exactly transpired some years ago on the same day a few years later, hence the name Facebook memories.

How to see Facebook memories

Facebook memories automatically show up on your newsfeed on the exact same day something important happened, or you made a post or anything that Facebook needs to remind you about.

When you log into your Facebook for the first time on that day you’ll be greeted with a Facebook memory if you made any post on that exact day a few years ago. If you can’t find it you can simply click on “on this day” On the left side of your newsfeed.

However, you can turn on Facebook memories by activating a notification so that you get a pop-up anytime you have a memory. All you have to do is head over to Facebook.com/memories and then clicking on the notification at the left side menu.

How to see Facebook Memories on a computer

If you are using a computer and you want to see Facebook memories you have to follow these steps I have laid down for you below:

  • Open Facebook on your computer and on the sidebar of the Facebook main page by the left click on Explore.
  • after clicking explore tap on See More.
  • Now scroll down the list of menu and then click on Memories.

what we have type of memories that is all the memories of your Facebook activity on that particular day will be displayed for you to see.


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