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The Facebook marketplace platform since being one of the best and most reliable places where Facebook users go to sell their items used or new.  The Facebook marketplace has been on Facebook for quite a while now and so today you are going to be taking a look at Facebook marketplace 2021.  So that at the end of this year will see if the Facebook marketplace is still worth it in 2021.

Marketplace Facebook 2021
Marketplace Facebook 2021

Marketplace Facebook 2021

One thing is for sure that in 2021 the Facebook marketplace is not yet available for all regions. This means that not everybody will have access to or can access the Facebook Marketplace. I seriously do not know the reason for that however for those who can access the Facebook marketplace it can be quite a lucrative market.

The Facebook marketplace was introduced to us about 5 years ago, that is in 2016 to be exact. Now the marketplace has grown and expanded so fast that so many people and making money from it on a daily basis. 

The marketplace is like any other buy and sell place online where buyers or sellers go to find customers for their product. You can simply go into the marketplace to sell a product or go there to check for a product to buy from within the comfort of your home. Using the Facebook marketplace you will have access to all the listed categories below.

  • Clothing and Accessories.
  • Classifieds.
  • Deals.
  • Entertainment.
  • Electronic.
  • Family.
  • Home and Garden.
  • Hobbies.
  • Housing.
  • Vehicles.

Facebook Marketplace App

There is no Facebook marketplace app like I always tell people, this is because the Facebook marketplace is embedded inside the main Facebook application.  and if the Facebook marketplace is available in your region you can simply find it from your Facebook menu. So do not go thinking that the Facebook marketplace application is a separate application from the Facebook app.

How to Access Facebook marketplace

Of course, if you have to make use of something you should, first of all, know how to access that particular thing. Now that you have known that the Facebook marketplace is inside the Facebook application the job is almost done.  Let’s see how to access the Facebook marketplace below:

  • Open your Facebook application or head over to the Facebook website.
  • Log in to your Facebook account if you are not logged in.
  • Now to go to the Facebook marketplace by clicking on the link.
  • Once you are there, you can see all the local listings in your environment.

However, if you click on the Facebook marketplace link and you cannot find it then is not yet available in your location.

How to Sell on Facebook Marketplace

Once you can access the Facebook marketplace it means that  marketplace is available for your location and you can sell on there if you like. Follow the below procedure to know how to sell on Facebook Marketplace:

  • Visit the Facebook marketplace link again.
  • Now tap on create a new listing on the left side of the screen.
  • The next thing to do is to choose your listing type 
  • Now add photos, title, price, category, conditions, descriptions, and everything that needs to be added.
  • Tap on done when you are finished to make your item go live.

While using the Facebook market you need to be careful so that you are not scammed cuz like every other platform there are scammers. You have seen how the Facebook marketplace works in 2021 is left for you to decide if it’s still worth it or not to me it is very much worth it. 



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