Facebook Live Audio Rooms – How to use Facebook Live Audio Rooms


 Clubhouse now has a new competitor which is the Facebook live audio rooms and is getting released in the US for public figures using iOS devices today.   Facebook told us in April that they had been working on a competitor for the clubhouse live audio platform for some time now that will soon hit the shelves now it’s here. 

Facebook Live Audio Rooms
Facebook Live Audio Rooms

Facebook Live Audio Rooms

The  Facebook live audio rooms is a new audio streaming feature in Facebook now available for iOS devices for some selected public figures whereby any one of them can host a  room and invited other users as speakers and other people can join and listen.  Also, up to 50 people can be invited as speakers which will be able to speak at once while there is no limit to the number of listeners on this platform, unlike Clubhouse. 

The Facebook live audio rooms is only available for iOS devices of selected public figures for now,  but listeners from both iOS and Android can participate. Facebook will also notify you if your friend or any of your followers joins a Facebook live audio room, this will come in handy if you are also interested. There is a reaction button to react to the live audio chat and also to include captions that do not exist in Clubhouse.  In other words, the Facebook live audio room is a better version of the clubhouse.

How to use Facebook Live Audio Rooms

If you like this feature and you want to get started with using it as soon as possible, there is something you ought to know.  For now, this feature is only available to a handful of selected public figures.  However, anybody can listen to a live audio in the US. 

During a live broadcast, the host of the event will appear in a rounded profile icon which is at the top of the screen,   the listeners will also appear in a rounded profile icon in the bottom half of the screen. While speakers will appear in a rounded icon in the middle part of the screen, the active speaker will appear in a glowing ring.  If the speaker is a verified speaker then there will be a checkmark that will appear next to the name of the speaker.

How to Join A Facebook Live Audio Rooms

To join the Facebook live audio if any of your friends or group members have joined a Facebook live audio room you will receive a notification that for that and you can from there also join that the same audio room if you like. Also, the host can invite people to join the session before its starts. There is also a “Raise Your Hand” button to enable you to join the chat in the live audio room. Finally, they are also tools available to share the room with others on Facebook through your newsfeed or your group post and others.

 In conclusion this feature is not yet widely available for the time being, however soon enough it will become widely available for anybody in the United States to create a Facebook live audio room.   After that, the feature will start getting released in other regions.


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