Facebook Free Mode Settings – How to Activate the Facebook Free Mode

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Did you know that Facebook now has a free mode that does not require you to have internet access to access Facebook free mode. As long as you are connected to any network even if there is no internet access you can simply access Facebook using free mode. However free mode needs to be configured to use the regular Facebook settings in order to access your Facebook account.

Facebook free mode settings
Facebook free mode settings

Facebook created the Facebook free mode for countries that do not have good internet connections and cheap data plans. This means that free mode is mainly for poor countries such as most African countries that do not have access to free internet. The Facebook free mode can run on 2G speed to make sure individuals can access Facebook without sweating.

Any person wanting to access free mode Facebook what the person does not have internet access on a WI-Fi or mobile network. In this article today we would focus on how to activate and start using the Facebook free mode if you want to. 

Facebook Free Mode

The Facebook free mode is a mod on the Facebook platform that lets users browse even having zero data they can still access the Facebook platform. However, using free mode they will not have access to pictures and video. They can only use free mode to chat and do all the basic Facebook functions. So that those that are in poor countries with expensive internet access can also make use of Facebook.

Features of Facebook Free Mode

They are setting functions and features of the Facebook free mode that users need to be mindful of. So that they can properly utilize the Facebook free mode the features are listed below:

  • The Facebook free mode gives users access to access Facebook at no cost whatsoever. This means that users can access Facebook for free without any data or without internet access. 
  • Users can chat and see everything that is going on on the Facebook platform when the Facebook free mode is activated.

How to access Facebook free mode settings

If you want to make use of the Facebook free mode there are certain things you need to do and steps you need to take in order to activate it. Some providers simply allow you to access Facebook free mode once your data runs out. But all this needs you to access and activate Freeman before you can start using it. 

To access Facebook free mode follow the below instructions:

  • Launch any web browser of your choice.
  • On that browser head over to free.facebook.com.
  • Select settings from the bottom of the page.
  • From there you can now activate Facebook dating and set all the settings you want.

Above are the steps on how to access Facebook for free using the Facebook free mode. Finally, we should note that the Facebook free mode expires if you have used it a lot. Once yours expires for the day he will have to wait till the next day to continue using the Facebook free mode.


How do I switch to free mode on Facebook?

Switching from data mode to free mode is very easy to do. If you do not have data and you have been using the free mode, you can simply switch to data mode when you have data from the point that you will receive data. This can also be done when your data is exhausted and you are prompted to return to free mode.

How does Facebook free mode work?

The free mode gives you access to Facebook, so you can see what is going on in the social network even if you don’t have data. This mode is free because it does not require you to have data. But keep in mind that there is a daily limit to the Facebook free mode and that you cannot use the Facebook free mode to view or upload images or videos.

How do I turn on data mode on Facebook?

To turn back to data mode If you have data on your SIM card, just click on the button to switch to data mode as soon as you have data. You can now click OK when you see the prompt, and then your mode will be switched to data mode. You can also use the process to switch back to free mode.

Is free mode ending on Facebook?

Free Facebook mode isn’t going away anytime soon because Facebook isn’t going away anytime soon. Facebook Free Mode is typically used in countries where data is scarce or prohibitively expensive, allowing you to continue using the Facebook website. If you want to make use of Facebook’s free mode when there is no data, simply head over to the Facebook app and you can start using it.


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