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Two days ago the owner of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg announced that  Facebook has released a Vaccinefinder Tool which will help people get vaccinated on time. This tool will also enable people to track the time and place to receive the vaccination if they have been finding it difficult to get vaccinated. This means that users especially in the United States of America can now easily get the vaccine in them by using this tool.

Facebook covid-19 Vaccinefinder Tool
Facebook covid-19 Vaccinefinder Tool

Facebook Covid 19 VaccineFinder Tool

The VaccineFinder was not developed by Facebook, it was developed by a Boston Children’s Hospital with CDC support Which have been using the service to help their patients get the covid-19 vaccine. Now Facebook is connecting to that tool directly from its platform to help its users most especially in the United States find where to get vaccinated, And they can also book appointment from there.

How to use the  Facebook covid-19 VaccineFinder tool

Using this tool is as easy as it can get because all you have to do is to locate the Facebook covid-19 information centre in order to get in. The Facebook covid-19 information center is located on your newsfeed which you need to tap.  After tapping on it if you are in the US you will see the search tool which you will use in searching for covid  19 vaccine and even book an appointment.

So if you are in the u.s. and you’re finding it hard to get vaccinated just log into your Facebook account visit the information centre and you are good to go.


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