Disney+ now has close to 100 million subscribers a year and half after being released


It’s surprising and shocking the rate at which Disney plus is growing in subscribers,  as they are close to 100m subscribers in just a year and a half. This number is half of what Nextflix already has but Disney plus is proving a stronger competition and they are ready to take over. 

Disney+ now has close to 100 million subs
Disney+ now has close to 100 million subs

The 94.9 million subscribers which the company now has is supposed to be completed by 2024 based on a prediction by the company. But surprisingly they have already reached such numbers and are looking forward to a greater height and even to a point to take over.

This information is coming just a day after Disney fired Gina Carano From the Mandalorian and other Star Wars related projects. This was as a result of her social media posts which claimed Lucasfilm and they called it “abhorrent and unacceptable.” We haven’t yet determined if this will have any effect on their subscribers or even on the Mandalorian but we will be sure to take note.

According to the company, 2021 Q1 earnings report The company gained about 8 million subscribers in just two months. Now things are looking up for the Mandalorian producer. However seeing the situation around the world coupled with a great series like the Mandalorian it’s certainly enough to speed things up, with the series of lockdowns we have had..


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