Capcom has confirmed they are working on a Resident Evil 8  DLC


Most games nowadays usually get a DLC version after the main game has been released for some time,  so during the E3 2021 Capcom has confirmed that they are working on a DLC version for the Resident Evil 8.  Outside this confirmation, there has been no other information revealed not even the release date.

Capcom has confirmed they are working on a Resident Evil 8  DLC

You must agree with me that the Resident Evil village or simply Resident Evil 8 is one of the best Resident Evil series of all time.  This is not just due to a good storyline but a perfectly crafted gameplay to go with.  It took us by surprise and we ended up loving it. just so u know how great this one is I actually hated resident evil 7.

In addition, Capcom is working on a Resident Evil: ReVerse Which is a Resident Evil online game to be released in July.  the Resident Evil ReVerse is an online PVP match in which players we choose from most of the prominent and well-known Resident Evil characters,  in a horror field game with each other.  The good news is that if you already own the Resident Evil 8 you will be getting this online Resident Evil reverse for free.


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