Call of Duty Season 9 – Season’s Finale in a Few Hours


Have you heard of call of duty mobile season 9? The Call of Duty charter is ramping up for a particularly busy period. Warzone is set to go Pacific with its incorporation into Call of Duty.

The vanguard is set to happen when that game releases on 5th November. It may be that Season 9 just isn’t as jam-packed with content as Season 8 was, with its new battle royale map and features and the 2nd Anniversary celebrations.

Call of Duty Season 9
Call of Duty Season 9

Call of Duty Season 9

On the mobile front, the Call of Duty: Mobile developers are getting ready to release Season 9. Admittedly, very little is known about what players can expect in COD Mobile Season 9.

Some rumors which are usually sourced from the Chinese version of the game have been thin on the ground. But there is some information out there about what we can expect.

Call of Duty Season 9 Mobile

Other than the usual battle pass, we are also aware that the game will be celebrating Halloween. This has come directly from the development team through the official COD Mobile Reddit.

It was revealed that they were taking a break from posting but confirmed that Halloween was a major factor in Season 9.

Call of Duty Season 9 Release Date

Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 will go live on 20th October 2021. It will contain all the patch notes you need to know ahead of the huge update.

Call of Duty Season 9 Battle Pass

Call of duty battle pass is a major thing in a new season; it has 100 tiers of content that a player has to unlock when playing the game. The battle pass in this new season will have a good number of Halloween theme content.

As always, a new season means we will be getting a brand new battle pass. This means the gaming community will get a hundred tiers of new unlockable content. The content will vary from weapons to XP, cosmetics, and much more. This will all be revealed when the season goes live.

Call of Duty Season 9 Characters

It has also been revealed by the call of duty that there will be Halloween themed event. And it will also release new characters, just in a matter of time, it will be available on call of duty mobile season 9. Here are some lists of call of duty mobile characters that have been revealed:

  • Artery – Nosferatu.
  • Rott – Tomb bound.
  • Iskra – Arachnis.
  • Nikto – Scarecrow.

These are the lists of call of duty season 9 characters that has been revealed.


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