Call of Duty Mobile 2nd Anniversary Update features New Map “Blackout”


A new map has been featured in Call of Duty Mobile 2nd Anniversary Update. This map goes by the name “Blackout”. Shout-out to all call of duty mobile fans as they can now enjoy playing on a whole new map with improved graphics and gameplay.

Call of Duty Mobile 2nd Anniversary Update

In this new update, some new cars have been featured and we hope to see them sooner than later in action. The new missions and style of gameplay are what actually have users on their heels.

Call of Duty Mobile 2nd Anniversary Update

Kudos to call of duty mobile as they are doing an amazing job so far rolling in updates to the game. There is a whole ton of new things and there is nothing like checking them out.

Immediately after the update on your device, you will be welcomed with a PC-type mission which is really amazing considering the graphics and gameplay. Once the mission is complete, you will be welcomed to the whole new game.

In the new update, there are new and improved classes. The trap master class has been upgraded along with the addition of a whole new master healer class.

This update surely will be sending a thrill down the spines of players. If you haven’t played CODM, you should definitely check it out.

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