The Aya Neo gaming handheld PC starts at $789 on Indiegogo


While it is very difficult to get a PC gaming graphics card for building your dream gaming PC in 2021,  you might want to reconsider getting a handheld gaming PC instead.  Apparently, it is time for handheld gaming PC since the likes of NVIDIA and AMD are incapable of making available graphics cards for PC gamers these days.

The Aya Neo gaming handheld PC starts at $789 on Indiegogo
The Aya Neo gaming handheld PC starts at $789 on Indiegogo

The Aya Neo is a handheld gaming PC device focused on gaming at 30 frames per second and you can get one in Indiegogo starting at a price of $789. This is a new version separate from the first one called the Founders edition which went on sale in January of 2021, which was quickly sold out. This version however is promising many upgrades.

Features of the new Aya Neo gaming handheld PC

The company has promised several increased or improved features on this latest version of the Aya Neo Handheld gaming PC. The features the company has offered in the Aya Neo include the following listed below:

  • Improved operating system
  • Reduced weight
  • The option to toggle rumble
  • Better buttons
  • Better power consumption and performance presets
  • Improvements to issues that caused resolution scaling problems or the blurry screens

The Complete Specification

The device spots a 7-inch 1280×800 IPS display with a 10-25W AMD Ryzen 4500U CPU and a 16GB of LPDDR4x RAM, which is the standard of gaming PC these days.

There are three USB C ports and the battery life is up to six hours. You can also get a $47 dock which is the company is making and it will give you two USB 3.2 type-A ports, an HDMI port, an SD and a micro SD card slot, and finally an ethernet port. 


Since this is a crowdfunding product you can get the Aya Neo on Indiegogo starting at a price of about $789 for The standard 500 gigabytes storage model. Or pay an approximate $869 USD if you want the 1terabyte model which should give you a lot of space to store your games.

No word on other sellers yet if they will have this device in stock soon enough.

Gaming Capabilities

While this is a fairly decent gaming handheld PC in its price range,  please do not expect it to play triple-A titles at ultra or high settings. In fact, most gaming laptops do not play triple-a titles at those settings.  However, it can run games like Star Wars Squadron at 60 frames per second, and also play most games at the same frame rate. 

The bottom line is that this can be likened to a mid-range gaming PC for gaming, If it those not run the game at ultra settings then reduce it till it’s playable on the device. Maybe they will have a new version that can run games on ultra settings in the near future.


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