Astro and Timbuk2 team up to build bags for gaming accessories


Are you a gamer and have always try to cramp your gaming accessories in a bag that does not support that? If so you are not alone as there are thousands of individuals parking gaming accessories in a bag made just for laptops. The good news is that Astro and Timbuk2 have teamed up to make gaming bags. 

Astro and Timbuk2 team up to build bags for gaming accessories
Astro and Timbuk2 team up to build bags for gaming accessories

Astro is a gaming accessory company that produces things like gaming headsets, controllers, and more. But they have teamed up with Timbuk2 to produce two different gaming bags to help gamers properly pack their gaming gear. These bags have the Astro logo boldly written on them.

Astro and Timbuk2 CS03 Bag

Meet the CS03 and the BP35 which cost $79 and $199 respectively. The CS03 is the smaller of the pair and it is tailor-made for those Nintendo switch gamers. This bag contains lots of pockets for storing keys and phones. Opening the secondary Zipper will reveal a pocket that carries up to 14 Nintendo switch cartridges. You can also add your cables and earbuds in the same room why the main pocket contains the Nintendo switch itself. The final and the most important feature of this bag is that it is water-resistant.

Astro and Timbuk2 BP35 Bag

On the other hand, laptop gamers have their own bag which is the BP35. This is a full-fledged bag that can contain 35 liters of storage. This bag is also water-resistant and it is packed with pockets and zippers. The outermost layer provides a space to properly store your headphones in the same space, you can properly fit a phone or a battery pack. In the main compartment, you can fit in your laptop or an Xbox series S and some gaming controllers. However, you are going to need a suitcase if you are to fit the Xbox series X or the PS5. 

The bottom line is this bag is what you will need if you are a switch, a laptop, or an Xbox series s gamer. As you have seen these bags are capable of containing all the accessories for gaming. You can get both bags online or on the Astros website.


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