Apple launches the MagSafe Battery Pack for its iPhone 12 lineup


If you own an iPhone 12 and you have been wondering how to extend the battery life or if there is an extra power juice for your device then you are in luck. This is because Apple has launched a MagSafe battery pack for the iPhone 12 line-up. If you own any of the iPhone 12 devices you are good to go and you will no longer suffer from low battery issues.

The MagSafe battery is a magnetic battery pack that will be attached magnetically to the back of any of the iPhone 12 models to increase battery life. One of these battery pack will cost you $99 and you can order it directly from the Apple website

I said before this battery works with any of the four devices on the iPhone 12 lineup furthermore, Apple says it will require iOS 14.7 to work. This is strange because iOS 14.7  is not yet out which only means it will be coming out before your order is delivered. They also stated that the battery uses a 5W charging technology which is slow compared to what we have today. 

The battery pack comes in white color and it is made of polycarbonate and silicone materials and can be used without a MagSafe case. If you order this battery pack expect it from any time as early as July 22nd.


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