Apple delays office return until January because of Covid spike


In the previous memo, Apple has told its employee that they should not return to the office until sometime in October. However, this has been disregarded as Apple has reportedly told its employees to not return to the office until January. Of course, this is a result of the new covid variant that is spiking.

Apple employees should be on the lookout and take notes because Apple has said in a memo they will confirm returning to the office a month beforehand. This memo is coming a month after Apple employees have been told that they will be returning to the office in October. 

Apple employees have been working remotely from home and have been doing a great job at it. So when case finally starting to drop the company thought it was now time to return back to the office. This has been stopped by the new coronavirus variant that is now peaking. 

Apple was not only the company that reconsidered its return to office other tech companies did as well. Had things have gone the way they hoped employees would have returned to the office 3 days a week. 


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