Activision tease Call of duty Vanguard ahead of the official reveal


While some PC gamers are busy with call of duty Warzone and others are playing call of duty mobile, Activision is busy making their next game. The Call of Duty Vanguard is the next game in the franchise of the call of duty line and they have given us a glimpse. Activision has released a teaser trailer for what we are to expect on the upcoming Vanguard. 


From the trailer, it is clear this game will be set in a time during the World War 2 event as we were treated to a scene of a beach littered with remains of planes and old weapons. This game is made by the same studio that made the call of duty WWII. 

Last year’s Call of Duty Blackops Coldwar was released alongside the PS5. It was one of the best call of duty games and the graphics was intense. It seems Activision is following in its footstep to make vanguard. 

Vanguard will officially be launched during an in-game event within call of a duty war zone. And it is said to happen during the battle of Verdansk starting August 19 at 10:30 AM PT/1:30ET. So stay up to date as we will likely be getting more information about this event before then.


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